Music Therapy is one of the most effective forms of natural and positive engagement for individuals living with forms of dementia. From daily opportunities to participate in ‘The Moments Singing Circle Choir’ to ensemble instrumentation, orchestral, drumming, and live musical performances, residents have daily opportunities to express themselves and get in touch with their musical memories in a fun and social atmosphere.

In addition to our in-house collection of instruments, which includes a player piano, Casio Keyboards and various small instruments and hand-drums, The Moments hosts a revolving cast of trained Music Therapists and visiting musical performers as part of our Activity Programming.



Research is continually being published supporting the well-being benefits of regular exposure all forms of nature. It’s been found that nature sounds, in particular, shorten recovery times from psychological stress, reduce agitation and support a general sense of calm and peace. Each Resident Suite at The Moments includes a SMART TV on a private WI-FI network specifically installed to provide our residents with effortless access to nature-based content and sounds at the touch of a button.

Studies show that nature sounds are found to decrease the body’s sympathetic response – the “fight-or-flight” feeling – and increase the parasympathetic response — the one that helps the body relax and function in normal circumstances, also sometimes referred to as the “rest-digest” response.



We appreciate that sound can be both pleasing as well as over stimulating, especially to those with heightened sensory sensitivity due to Alzheimer’s or dementia. The Moments was constructed to support extensive thermal insulation in efforts to minimize outside noise. We also have created destinations throughout designed to help support additional acoustic dampening for times when residents are seeking complete quiet.


Our signature cedar-sided sunroom features a floor-to-ceiling Living Plant Wall which not only provides naturally filtered oxygen and visual stimulation, but absorbs sound to increase auditory tranquility.