From its inception, The Moments has set out to be the leading proprietary architectural and interior design memory care community in the country. Our specialized memory support environment scientifically and lovingly fosters the optimal health and well-being of each resident. Before our ground-breaking construction even began, we traveled extensively to study traditional memory care architecture and design and to gather information and inspiration from some of the leading centers across the country. We then assembled a team of memory care thought-leaders and conducted an in-depth review of evidence-based research.

A Therapeutically Beneficial Environment

The Moments’ architectural details demonstrate the highest quality in construction and interior design, as well as the latest technology and innovative materials, to assure the comfort of our residents and their families. Our unique approach takes into consideration the sensitive nature of individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, including odor-free air quality, natural lighting, unrestrained access to the outdoors, visual and textural aesthetics, and carefully curated activities space to ensure a sense of fulfillment in daily life.

Every detail was determined and executed with current resident comfort as well as the clinical functionality required. For example, heated floors throughout the building allow us to control the temperature and keep the residents comfortable with warm floors year round. The heated floors allow for the residents to not have to walk on cold tile flooring in bathrooms and spas, minimizing sensory issues during assistance with activities of daily living.

OurHVAC system is state-of-the-art with up to six air changes per hour to ensure fresh air circulation. Our operations team can easily control the temperature in the common areas remotely. All suites have temperature control allowing us to control and set the temperature to each residents’ needs.


Each residential wing is outfitted with a ‘therapy kitchen’ for basic culinary activities while doubling as a nurse’s station, removing any overtly medical feel that a visible nursing station might suggest. The therapy kitchens also allow caregivers to implement baking and simple food prep programming, where residents can participate in making cookies and other baked goods throughout the day.

The Moments is fully secure with the latest technology with all exterior doors having an e-system that alerts staff silently when a “crash bar” is triggered. It automatically sends a notification to staff on their iPad when a resident is attempting egress and sends a real time video of that door. The doors have an extended delay so that a staff member can get to the appropriate door to redirect a resident when necessary. Our goal is to provide a sense of freedom to the residents while providing security at the same time.